Brokerage Services

Bluett has a team of licensed real estate agents and brokers with extensive experience and relationships allowing for partnerships with national brokerage firms in core markets across the country. Our experience allows us to advise or represent our clients for multiple product and transaction types. Bluett's reputation and track record provide superior confidence and service when leasing or selling assets.

Leasing Transactions

  • Aces Comedy Club (Murrieta, CA) 9,500 SF
  • CA Veterinary Clinic (Murrieta, CA) 16,000 SF
  • AeroSports Trampoline Park (Murrieta, CA) 27,000 SF
  • Epic Rollertainment (Murrieta, CA) 28,080 SF
  • You Fit Gym (Murrieta, CA) 19,961 SF
  • You Fit Gym (Kennesaw, GA) 14,400 SF
  • You Fit Gym (Coral Springs, FL) 20,000 SF
  • Vantage Hospitality (Coral Springs, FL) 12,000 SF
  • Cruise Planners (Coral Springs, FL) 14,000 SF
  • Daycare (Parkland, FL) 5,000 SF
  • AeroSports Trampoline Park (Corona, CA) 35,000 SF
  • Grey Healthcare Group (Kansas City, IL) 45,000 SF
  • Lumber Liquidators (Corona, CA) 6,900 SF
  • Vivint (Liberty Lake, WA) 41,000 SF
  • Angelus Furniture (Corona, CA) 20,000 SF
  • Community Threads (Corona, CA) 7,000 SF
  • West Coast Talent (Corona, CA) 4,600 SF
  • Spokane Orthopedic (Spokane, WA) 10,500 SF
  • Wine Company (Temecula, CA) 6,500 SF