Property Management

Bluett's sister company, Juno Commercial Real Estate, provides innovative and tailored management strategies to help real estate owners reduce their operating costs and enhance property values, all while maintaining a superior work environment for tenants. Juno's expertise in tenant satisfaction, engineering services, risk management and sustainability practices helps provide tenants an environment they want to remain in long term.

Building relationships and enhancing asset value is embedded in our approach to serving owners and investors. Juno's experienced property managers exchange best practices and draw from industry leading programs and technologies to achieve greater efficiencies and maximize asset performance.

Our team of real estate professionals are experts at developing prosperous, long-term relationships between owners and tenants, and provide consistent, high-value property management services that include:
  • Financial Analysis
  • Tenant Relations
  • Asset Preservation & Enhancement

Property owners quickly realize that Juno responds promptly to the needs of the tenants and tailors all maintenance programs to each property.  In addition to highly experienced personnel in both the accounting and property management departments, Juno offers the services of a highly qualified maintenance staff as well.  Our maintenance personnel are experienced in virtually all types of construction and building repair.  We can provide a variety of services from minor repairs to tenant improvements. 

We learned over 15 years ago that a successful Property Management company requires hard work,  professionalism, a proactive approach to projects and highly automated, yet flexible, data-processing systems.   

Juno Commercial Real Estate took its name in part after the mythological goddess Juno, protector and special counselor of the Roman State and queen of the gods. As Juno Moneta (one who warns), she guarded over the finances and property of the empire, including the temple on the Arx.

In the period of the Roman Republic, from about 300 BC onwards, coins were made near the temple of the goddess Juno Moneta. An original Roman Juno Moneta Coin, made by the moneyer Titus Carisius and dating back to 46 BC is on display at the Juno Commercial Real Estate office in Sacramento.